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The Importance Of Teaching Proper Child Etiquette

Teaching proper child etiquette is not that hard. Parents should teach their children the right manners through setting good examples. As always, children learn things through imitation. They copy whatever it is that they see from their parents. If the parents often shout at each other, the child grows to be aggressive. However, if both parents instill good values in the child, he or she is likely to grow tamed.

Why is it necessary to teach your child the proper etiquette?

The way the child acts is a reflection of how his parents have reared him to be. His own actions show the kind of environment that he has at home. No parent wants to be branded as irresponsible, right? Hence, you should teach your child the right manners as early as possible.

More so, your child is never going to be confined at home for the rest of his life. He will meet people, talk to people, and socialize with different individuals. You don't want to hear others giving negative comments about your child's behavior so it is best to mold his own character at such a tender age.

Why should a child be taught the proper etiquette while he is still young?

As it is often said, fresh meat is often soft. At the same time, it is during a child's young age that his character is yet forming. A child is like a sponge that absorbs things easily. Therefore, it is during the formative stage that the child is able to recognize those which are right or wrong. Whatever values have been instilled in him while he is young are the ones that he will carry as he grows older.

How should the child be taught?
Parents should lead the formation of a child's character. This can be done by setting good examples. Say for example, the proper table etiquette is practiced at home. The child will see why being organized and disciplined during mealtime is important and he will follow what his parents do.

What are the basic etiquette guidelines that children must be taught with?

As young as three years old, kids can be taught to speak using soft voices, not to talk with their mouth full, never to shout at someone, and to use respectful words when asking for any food or drink.

Encourage them to do little things that they can. Even with nannies around, teach your children to get their own toys, their own towel, and the likes.

Teach them the value of respecting the elders. They should know that they should never treat the elders as if they are of the same age with them.

Show them the right way of using the toilet. Teach them how to sit on the toilet bowl and how to flush it. Let them learn the right way of conserving water too.

Encourage them to help set the table. Introduce how each utensil is used. Tell them why the napkin is important.

Show them the proper way of chewing and swallowing the food.

After every meal, encourage them to thank the person who prepared the meal for the day.

Teach them how to excuse themselves from the table when they are already done eating.

They should also be persuaded to take their own glass, plate, and utensils to the sink without breaking anything.

Learning child etiquette is as important as learning the alphabet. It is the skill that your children will use wherever they go and whatever they do. As parents, there is nothing to lose on your part so teach them now!


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