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Social Networking Etiquette: Does It Exist?

With the ongoing worldwide popularity of social online networks, everybody seems to enjoy it. But the problem is there are more and more members who tend to forget the right manners and proper etiquette. The most common unethical issue involving social online networks is people adding members even though they completely don't know who they were.

It is just like going over to a business conference and handing out a card to someone and saying he/she is now your friend and expects their call, email, and all other communication kinds. If that happens to you, you know it is going to be extremely annoying especially that you don't know that person was. So how do you handle this one out?

Social networking sites are just like networking in real life. Most rational people wouldn't try walking up to someone by standing and handing out their card and claiming he/she should keep contacts. The sensible thing to do when you are interested over a stranger is to try to strike up a conversation and find something that you both have in common so that the conversation lasts longer and eventually you can encourage that person to exchange contacts.

Unfortunately, that unethical practice happens all the time in virtually all social online networks. A lot of people are sending out invitations to others and asking them to be in their network even though were completely strangers. And to further violate the etiquette rule, they never introduce themselves and just completely leave them after accepting the invitation.

If you are a member of one or more social network sites, be sure to learn the following proper etiquette rules so you don't annoy other members.

Quality over Quantity

Most people like to race with other people by making sure invitations are sent out to almost everybody so their network eventually grows larger. But social networks are about building network of friends not a race of having many stranger friends. Quality network means having people in your network that you can talk and relate to anytime you want it. It is about connecting family and friends and other relevant people. Quality is because, the more connected they feel with you the more that they read your messages and see your information from time to time and willingly pass it to other colleagues too.

Add People You Need

Be sure to have a reason why you want that person added to your network. On the other side, check the person's information before accepting their invitation to become one in their network. Be sure you had checked out their profile to see if the person is whom you would not mind your friends seeing in your group. You may seem snob, but it is plain common sense that you don't want them to be in your network if they are causing any amount of discomfort to you or anybody in the group.

Proper Invitation

If you are sending out an invitation, be sure to point some references that will allow the person to recognize you. Inviting people for the sheer reason of getting in the number's game may easily make you forget them after just a day or two, which is never good to other party.

Develop Profile

If you joined any social networking site, be sure to have at least enough data that put value to your profile. A picture, a few background information, and some likes and hobbies will best serve the purpose of keeping other people interested in going over your account.


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