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Proper Etiquette That Ladies Should Know

Since time immemorial, ladies have been treated by the society as if they are breakable items. They have always been handled with care. Now that the essence of modernity has been absorbed by both sexes, are the ladies still expected to act like the once conservative individuals that they used to be? Anyhow, liberated or conservative, there are still several proper etiquette guidelines meant to be observed by the ladies.

Read on below and learn the right manner to display as you meet people, talk to people, and interact with people.

During an Introduction

It has been customary that the man must be introduced to the lady. Therefore, never introduce yourself to a gentleman. It should be the man who must first introduce himself before you give him your own name.

Wait for the man to offer his hand for a handshake before you take it. In the conservative countries, it is believed that ladies should never touch the men during the introduction since they must limit the recognition to a bow, a nod, or a smile.

During a Conversation

Ladies are often expected to carry on with intellectual conversations. When talking, you should exude tact, fair education, and a good memory.

Only share your opinion if you are originally involved in the conversation. Don't butt in when you have just overheard something as you happened to pass by.

If there is nothing for you to say, simply lend your ears and listen to the one who is talking.

Show an immense interest on any topic that is being discussed in your group. Do away with distractions.

Keep your voice low and gentle. Talking too loud or too vulgar is considered improper.

Be sure to engage everyone present in your group into the conversation. Don't attempt to talk about topics which the others are unfamiliar with because it indicates singling them out.

Don't interrupt when there is someone who is talking. It shows rudeness.

Don't act as if you are always witty. A display of knowledge can often be mishandled and may cause trouble afterwards.

Don't be boastful. If you want to share something about your investment, be sure to say it without any hint of bragging.

Refrain from talking about boys or your dates when there are single women engaged in your conversation. Be sensitive to their feelings.

Don't talk about scandalous topics. Some people may not be comfortable hearing them.

Thank the person who gives you a compliment. Never fall short of compliments for other people as well.

Look at the person in the eye when he or she talks to you.

Don't exit when the conversation is not yet over. This is a sign of disrespect.

During Parties

Don't forget to greet the host before you talk with your friends or eat.

Dress appropriately. Be sure to take note of the dress code indicated in the invitation card. Showing up with all those skimpy clothes when the theme is not that sexy is considered vulgar.

Don't boast about the amount you have spent for your dress. When complimented, thank the person and be humble when asked about it.

Wear dress with cuts and colors that are suitable for your body structure and skin tone.

Don't wear too much jewelry. Wear only the appropriate pieces that will match your dress.

Don't be a scene-stealer.

Women should be particular with the proper etiquette that they should exhibit. Proper manner during these instances speak of one's breeding and personality.


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