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Modern Wedding Etiquette Tips To Remember

In order to have the most well-mannered wedding, you have to know the etiquettes on the most important details such as what wedding gown to wear, wedding shoes to have, who to be invited, what inappropriate gifts to give, and how to announce the wedding. These are details that need attention and if these are done in the right manners, everything will flow out so smoothly and elegant that everybody will have a nice time celebrating the event. Below are some tips to bring those proper etiquettes to modern weddings.

What Wedding Gown and Shoes to Wear

It is lucky for the brides that unlike the old days, modern wedding dresses are somewhat more flexible. In exchange of the old, traditional white, beige, or cream wedding gowns, they can opt for pastel colors and even strong ones. The only thing not to forget is to ensure your color choice compliments the theme of the wedding.

For example, if the wedding is to be held in a beach, turquoise wedding gown would be an appropriate choice. Also, the bride can opt for a color that she is comfortable wearing because it compliments her skin tone or a styled dress that accentuates her curves; thus, making her look more beautiful.

It is the same with wedding shoes. Modern brides no longer need to stick to the traditional white color shoes to match white wedding gown. They can go with a slightly different yet coordinated color such as beige, ivory, or crème. Even red shoes are welcome just as long as it compliments the gown.

Shoes that are open toed or with ankle straps are also perfect choice nowadays. Etiquette says that the kind must be chosen because of style and comfort. Simple ones and less ornamented wedding shoes are best options.

When Do You Announce the Engagement?

Modern etiquette calls for the wedding engagement to be announced in a simple way like doing it over dinner with family and friends. In case there more budget is available, the couple's family can host an engagement party or ball where the announcement can be made. It can be done as well by printing in newspapers.

For the second-time wedding couple, it is a proper practice to let their kids informed before making the announcement to the public. After the kids, etiquette says that it be discussed with respective parents before the ex-spouses. However, it is not a violation if the bride opts not to tell her ex-spouse especially if there is no joint custody for their children.

Inappropriate Wedding gifts and Registry

Although, it has been becoming a trend, it is an ill-option to present wedding gift in cash. As old fashioned as it is, it is always best to deliver wedding gifts it in kinds, not in cash. In fact, proper etiquette considers cash as the greatest error ever made in the wedding history.

Needless to say, it is not good for the couple to hand out envelopes asking cash gifts together with the wedding invitation cards. Obviously, it makes the bride and the groom appear too materialistic. Also, it is not appropriate to include wedding registry though online registry can do.

Who You Need To Invite

In general, the groom and the bride have the final say as to who should be invited or who should not be present in the celebration. The parents of the couple can give their say, especially if they are the one hosting the wedding; however, they do not have to invite people whom the couple does not want invited.


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