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Learn These Golf Etiquette Tips Before Teeing It Off!

When playing golf, you just don't go to the club dressed in whatever clothing you like, play the golf with your friends, and go home whenever you want. It is more than that. In fact, there are many rules that you want to abide with if you don't want to be denied entry into the club. You have to bring the proper golf etiquette not only for you to be allowed entry but for you to fit properly in the surroundings.

It is embarrassing to show up at the golf club and denied entry, so be sure to keep the following issues in mind the next time you want to join them.

Golf Apparel

When golf is mentioned, the image conjured of the player is donned in collared shirts, sweater vests, long, plaid pants, golf shoes and other stereotypical golfing apparel. Obviously, the clothing apparel for the golfers is always given emphasis. Over the years, there has been changing and golf clothing apparel of before may not be the ones that golfers of today must follow.

Nevertheless, whether the golf club is prestigious or not, it is expected for you to come with the proper golf apparel and must always be practiced whenever playing. Most clubs implement a proper dress code. And failure to comply may be denied entry. So, check with them before coming in.

Come Ahead of Playing Time

If you come five minutes early, you are already considered late. This is because with playing golf, the player must follow the proper etiquette of showing up earlier than the scheduled tee time. This means that before the golf game starts, everything else is already prepared.

Remember that preparing means parking your own car, warming up, practicing, buying balls, changing clothes, and picking up your cart. And this is not to mention talking with other associates.

Being early enough to prepare all these things is therefore not only good etiquette practice but a convenience on your part. It is also being considerate to your other comrades or co-golfers.

No Cell Phones Allowed

Ringing cell phones on the golf course is not only a big turn-off but a hassle to other players. If you have your cell phone with you, it has to be left first in your locker or in your car. If it is important that you bring it with you while playing, you must at least turn it off.

Remember that while on the golf course, everyone wants to play seriously. Others want to ready their tee off first while some are doing their thing of getting the best tee score off. The bottom line is every one needs their own concentration. So, disturbing them with your cell phone ringing is offensive and unethical.

If you still want to be accepted in the golf club you are playing in, turn that phone off, or better yet, don't bring it with you on the course.

Quiet Conventions

What makes golfing more unique than others is the courtesy of being quiet while on the course. This aspect is more based on the necessity of the game's nature. When you want to hit a small ball with your long pole, it is not going to work if you lack the concentration.

So, it would be awfully offensive when you are being pretty noisy while your comrade is hitting the hole. Even if you are golfing with family or friends, you need to remember the fundamental golf etiquette rules of keeping away from the line of vision of the player and being quiet.


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