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The Don'ts Of Daily Living: Common Etiquette That Must Be Observed Everyday

Etiquette are rules of conduct and behavior that are simple to follow. All you need is a basic sense of good taste, of consideration for others and of less cave-man like attitudes. And for the most parts, etiquette are not hard and fast rules that must be maintained all the time.

They are in fact, just guidelines for everyone to follow which may or may not be observed depending on how much one values politeness. Below is a list of some of the most common bad manners that are prescribed by society to avoid on a daily basis:

Nose picking in public – Apart from being considered utterly gross, picking your nose in the public can also compromise other people, especially so when you absent mindedly wipe "it" on something that can be touched by them.

Fidgeting – If you can't help but fidget, it is best to do it when no one is around. Fidgeting signals restlessness and it is very impolite especially so if you are fidgeting scandalously in a public occasion.

Butting-in to other people's conversation – It is common sense to let other people finish their sentences first before you give your own statements. It is sadly, an etiquette that is often not followed. Apart from being very rude, cutting in to people's conversation is also considered very offensive by other people.

Scratching parts of your body in public – If something feels really itchy, it is polite to excuse yourself and go to go somewhere private where you can do scratching. Scratching is never polite as this shows not only ill manners but also poor hygiene.

Farting when someone else can hear (or smell) your gas – Your body waste, regardless if it is solid, liquid or gas, should be kept to yourself. This is why comfort rooms are invented and why people don’t find it amusing to watch (or hear) people do very private things, yes including farting. So be polite and try to keep the smell and the sound of your fat to your self.

Taking off of shoes – Unless you are living in Japan where it is polite to take shoes off when entering private residence, it is best to just keep your shoes on, especially if your feet smell a bit offending.

Ignoring your own bad breath – It is really a huge turn off for people to smell hell rising from another person's mouth. So if you have a condition called halitosis, get help immediately. If you are just someone who rushed through your morning without saying "hello" to your toothbrush, there are gums, patches and mouthwashes you can use to hide the uninviting smell of your breath.

Removing your dentures in public – If you are more comfortable with your gums than with your piece of orthotic device, then remove it when you are alone. It is never entertaining to see someone who has a mouth wanting of teeth.

Speaking constantly – Allow other people to give their opinions, to speak for themselves. Apart from being a total bore, it is always irritating to talk to someone who does not let you talk back. Please do yourself and others a favor, don’t monologue.

Touching others repeatedly during conversation – Don’t invade another person's psychological space by touching any part of his or her body. Even when he or she has already given you the permission to touch his hand or shoulder, for example, it is best to refrain from doing this continuously unless you are willing to talk to his or her lawyer.


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