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How A Good Business Dining Etiquette Can Help You Win Clients

Are you about to attend a business dinner but don't you know well which dishes are appropriate? Are you worried that your client might get turned off? Dining with a client normally happens if you work in the corporate world. Gone were the days when business dealings were typically conducted inside the office premises.

Dining out to meet a client is but normal in today's society. More so, it is likely to happen in whatever field of business you find yourself in. To ensure that you know of the proper diplomacy and grace, it is best to handle these situations with all the proper business dining etiquette. If you know your manners, you increase your chances of maneuvering successful business meetings.

Don't be led away from the real purpose on why you are at the table. You are there to discuss business matters only that you also have to make use of the tableware. Therefore, you have two goals—to focus on what your client needs and wants and to behave yourself accordingly as you deal with the food. You might never know it but the way that you handle the tableware can influence the reaction of your customer towards your business proposal.

Here is what you should do for a successful business meal and an impressed client.

Determine the venue depending on the type of customer that you have, the restaurant's accessibility, and your client's availability as well.

Take note of the restaurant's parking space, noise level, and your client's dietary preference.

Plan your meal ahead of time. Be sure that your preferred dishes are not potentially messy to consume.

Being the host, you should arrive at least 30 minutes early. Check the table arrangement, the menu, and the payment of the bill. You are the one who is expected to pay the bill if you invited your client.

Don't eat bread or anything unless your guest has arrived. The table should be as pristine as ever.

Ask your guests to order first not unless you have ordered the entire meal beforehand. When your guest prefers appetizers, order yours too.

If you are not hungry, order something light. Don't let your guest eat alone.

Avoid ordering any exotic food. Prefer those that are familiar and easy to eat using fork and knife.

Eat only when everyone has been served. If the food of your client has been served earlier, encourage him to start with his meal before it gets cold.

Chew your food gently and silently.

Don't slurp.

Don't stab or saw your food.

Put bite-size food into your mouth. In times like these, it is expected that you will talk once in a while so never put too much food into your mouth.

Turn off your phone. Don't accept any calls when you face your client.

Keep the unnecessary documents, keys, cellular phones, and the likes off the table.

Start with the business discussion after the meal. This time you may take out the papers that you need.

Proper business dining etiquette leads to more business. It is by dining with your clients that you open the portal to connect with them away from the usual hassles that the office atmosphere provides. When you behave yourself well, clients are sure to get impressed!


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