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General Etiquette For Gentlemen

They say that there are only a handful of gentlemen left in today's society. How true can this be? In the past, a gentleman was defined to be someone who did noble things. He appreciated, respected, protected, and valued the women. He cared for his family and friends. How about in this time and age? What makes a real gentleman? The new millennium has undoubtedly opened several portals for the men. With all the good things that they have begun enjoying, some have somehow forgotten about the importance of good taste and general etiquette.

It doesn't mean that you should act like a robot just because you must guard your actions with the proper etiquette. The thing is, you are likely to be welcomed and appreciated by people when you know of the basic proper manners.

Here are some of the general tips to keep your manners on the right track.

Be polite at all times. There are times when you encounter people who seem to lack the proper manners. However, you should never go down to their level. Always be courteous and polite and show them that you are better than they are. Likewise, answer politely even when someone seems to be really harsh.

Refrain from cursing. The use of slang and other vulgarities are often the thing of the younger men.

To be vulgar is rude, impolite, and shows lack of breeding. There are appropriate vocabulary words which you may use to express your own thoughts.

Avoid speaking loudly. You are not the only person in the area. Others want to keep their privacy. Speaking loudly when there is a crowd can stress other people. People might also think that you just want to get their attention but in all cases, such is a negative action.

Get a hold of your temper. If you often lose your temper, it normally indicates that you have a poor control over your emotions. Such is a big factor. If you are unable to hold your emotions then, most probably you have a poor ability to control other things. Thus, keep your cool at all times.

Never stare. Staring is rude. Troubles start because some men are fond of staring. You don't want to intimidate people so avoid doing this.

Never interrupt. Allow other people to finish what they have to say. Interrupting means that you lack the social graces and you have poor etiquette.

Don't spit. Most men spit even when they are on the streets. Others do it subconsciously. However, it always defines your breeding.

Respect the elders. Respect begets respect. You don't only respect your parents but anyone who is older than you.

Don't laugh at other's mistakes. It is not only cruel to do so but you primarily don't want others to make fun of you when you're mistaken, right?

Take off your hat. Although hats or caps are now used as a part of fashionable apparels, you still have to remove it whenever you are indoors. Take it off when you're in the church, in school, or when dining.

Wait for the others before starting with the meal. Before you start with your meal, you must ensure that all the other guests are seated and are ready to eat.

These are just among the basic general etiquette tips for you. Keep them in your heart and mind so that you can establish solid relationships.


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