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Follow These Office Etiquette Rules

When in an office, whether working or visiting, there are guidelines to follow regarding achieving proper office etiquette. The workplace is entirely different from your home, where in the latter you can act any way you want it because no one is seeing you or you are not disturbing anyone or any activity.

Remember that you have to act respectful and polite in a workplace. Do it with dignity and honesty at all times. It is a good reputation and one that your co-workers and customers will love.

1.) Appropriate Office Clothing

In terms of proper attire, certain rules apply. One example is wearing slippers, flip flops, or thongs while at the workplace is a big no-no. You can save all these foot wears to beach or mall.

Sometimes, the nature of the office requires that you wear slacks or office pants, and not jeans or denims and t-shirts. In this note, do not come dressed in jeans or shirt unless during wash day or if your office allows you to. Office blouses, long sleeve blouses, polo tops, and long office slacks are appropriate dress code in most offices. The shoes must be closed for men and peep-toe or closed for women.

Of course, if the environment of the office is casual, less formal dress code may be implemented. However, you are still not allowed to ear mid-riff tops, spaghetti tops or dresses, revealing dresses or mini skirts, and slippers to work.

2.) Be Clean and Fit

All people are turned off of smelly people. In the office, being smelly is even more a crime. You don't want your officemates walking away from you because of the foul, offensive odor. Therefore, be sure to shower first before going to the office and use a nice, suitable deodorant, and brush your teeth.

Use clean clothes and shoes. And be sure to groom yourself. You don't want to show up in the office with your hair all over places and your clothes wrinkled because you didn't press them before coming in. Be neat and act conservatively, if required by the nature of the office.

Hide your tattoos and remove all body piercings except ear piercings, if you are a woman, unless you are working in a tattoo shop.

Do not sneeze or cough without covering your mouth. Use tissue all the time to avoid the germs from scattering. And don't forget to say excuse me every time.

3.) Good Manners and Right Conduct at the Office

Good office etiquette comes from being courteous and respectful all the time. Keep interrupting people at a minimum. If you find yourself suddenly meddling with office mates' conversation, be sure to apologize for the intrusion. Use courtesy as well if you need to strike up a conversation with another.

Remember that the conversation must be work-related as possible. The office is not an environment for gossip, so quit visiting your co-worker's cubicle if you don't have anything important needed. If you need to visit them, be sure to knock before you enter.

Always use courteous words, such as, thank you, you are welcome, and please. Always show appreciation. Don't shout when talking or don't laugh loudly. It is disturbing to other people.

Avoid these things:

Selling goods inside the office.

Hovering around waiting a co-worker to finish phone call.

Tactlessly criticizing another co-worker.

Using cell phone, mp3 player, and other gadgets during office hours.

Giving sexist, racial, and offensive comments.

Being a know-all individual.

Blaming someone else even if it was your mistake.


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