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Event Etiquette Rules: Avoid The Stressful Ending

Finally, the event is over. The delegates and guests were long gone. You are trying to rest a little with a cup of tea after hosting it. Before you is a picture of mess, chart paper sheets strewn all over the room, lunch packs with food debris all over, countless emptied paper cups lying every horizontal part of the room.

You are simply drained after the successful workshop. It has been a tough thing to deal with. All guests and delegates were smart and sharp, challenging all knowledge you throw at them and demanding long, clear explanations for every theory you present. As you remember this mind exhausting battle, plus the once orderly, clean training room now full of scatter and mess, you even get more exhausted.

You know the cleaning staff would be due shortly to take care of the mess, so no issue with the mess. But after all this, is everything over for you?

No. You are in for another stressful activity, dismantling everything you earlier came up with to make that event a successful one. Hosting and organizing an event is truly an exhausting one that if you don't know the proper event etiquette rules to follow, it would be more tiring for you.

So, as early as the start of arranging the workshop, it is practical to have different team members available anytime they are needed. Assigning specific responsibilities to each of them will enable you to manage the whole process as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

When it is about larger events, it is necessary more than ever to keep things cool by having a good checklist of everything, from the smaller detail to the most major one. As each detail is completed, score it out, and then proceed to another. You have to remember to be as clear as possible so you don't miss out the gray areas.

A clear, visible checklist also allows everyone involved work as systematically and easily as they can. And it helps them help each other the best they can with their own assignments.

If this activity is a regular part of your daily life, you will need a venue where you can go to anytime as well as that which welcomes you back nicely. You will have this courtesy if you treat the venue like it is your own. You can do this by making sure everything is back in its orderly form before leaving after concluding the event. The room must be prepared for the next event users.

Though it is tempting to run after the stressful workshop day, you would not want to compromise your own reputation by leaving the venue room in disarrayed condition.

With as far as venue is concerned, a proper etiquette in this aspect asks you to be nice always by leaving feedbacks, or suggestions, if you may.

This can be done by filling out those evaluation forms. You can put the smallest detail that you noticed lacking in the venue. In the same note, you can compliment them after ending the day without any trouble with the venue's facility and equipment.

Whether you have to leave a negative or positive feedback, always make sure that at the end of the evaluation form, you have something nice to say and that you are willing to go back at the next event.

You can also send a thank you note to the manager. You will find that this little gesture is big enough that next time you visit you will be accorder with royal treatment.


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