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Common Informal Etiquette: Where Did They All Begun

Informal etiquette go as far back as pre-Middle Ages. They were formed from sensible ways of doing things which prevented conflict, brawls and strain in social relationships. Compliments to these early efforts to form peaceful relationships between people of long ago, we have the rules of etiquette to follow now and there seems to be no possibilities of changing these anytime soon. Here are some informal etiquette and how they started.

If it were not for the movies and history books, we probably do not have a clear idea of how people dress long ago. Well, apart from the tight leggings and the flowing poncho-like cloths hanging on their backs, swords were also very fashionable. So they wore swords all the time. And when you have a shiny broad sword with you that flares how manly you are, it is hard to resist the temptation of not using it to cut somebody else's limbs.

Since troubles often ensue when men are armed and when they are equipped with a dysfunctional sense of anger and lots of booze, some sensible people thought it more polite to use the hands instead of the swords in greetings. So since the Middle Ages, men extended their right hands to signal friendship and their lack of need for trouble and brawling.

This custom was passed down over the years and has become an official gesture for greeting as well as a gesture of courtesy. So people, in almost all parts of the world, greet people with a handshake using the right hand on almost all types of occasions- whether it be formal or informal.

The "Ladies First" Attitude
Ever wondered why females always get to go first on the line? Or why they always have to be assisted when getting down the car? Or why they always have to be given the special treatment? That's because it's the polite thing to do. While some contemporary females no longer want to have this conduct practiced, ladies of some centuries ago thought it's convenient and functional.

During the time when they wore very long gowns and very stiff corsets, it was impossible for them to feel comfortable and for them to move the way they want to, so it was men's obligation to assist them when they exit the carriage, when they walk in pavements, when they attend concerts and plays. Again, this was passed down the succeeding generations and voila- you have societies that give females the so-called special treatments.

Basic Manners of Good Taste
Some rules apply like they were cropped from good common sense. Some of these are daily activities which we choose to do when we are alone and far from human interference like picking nose, passing gas, scratching various parts of the body, spitting, using obscene gestures and languages, fidgeting, belching loudly, coughing or sneezing very loudly, and a host of many other common bad manners.

The thing though is, these did not root from common sense, instead they were established from good taste. This is why people sneer at other people if they do the aforementioned activities in public since these display bad taste, both in personal habits and manners.

It is hard to imagine how societies can be more organized and safer to live in without the basic rules of etiquette. Thanks to the people who wanted to make the world a better place to live in, we now have lesser people who donít bother about being impolite.


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